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Lumps & Bumps

This is a minor surgery clinic for small skin lumps and tumors including mole excision, sebaceous/epidermoid cysts, nail excision, skin tag removal, skin biopsies for diagnostic purposes, wart excision, minor scar revision, keloid/hypertrophic scar excision, lipoma/fibroma/dermatofibroma excision, etc. A referral is required for this service.


If the you require a simple biopsy or excision of a lump, scar etc, please ask your doctor to refer you directly to our lumps and bumps clinic. This clinic runs 3 - 4 times a week, and we are able to fit you in almost immediately. This is a direct-to-procedure service, a clear diagnosis or indication for biopsy is required.  Your doctor may ask you to do an  ultrasound for ill-defined lumps before sending you to this clinic. If  the diagnosis is unclear, your doctor may refer you to our general dermatology clinic.

Kindly note that mole or skin tag excision for cosmetic purpose is not covered by Alberta Health and involves out-of-pocket payment.

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